• Credits
  • Creative Directors: Daniel Headey & Clare D'Andrea
  • Director: Yousef Eldin (All three films)
  • Production Co: Just So

LinkedIn Sales Navigator - Real Faces of Sales

To sell a sales tool we decided to update the sales profession. In tandem with the successful Get Closer campaign (which advertised to Salespeople) we wanted to challenge what people thought of the profession. Our response was to change perceptions by creating an image library on Unsplash - available to all to download and use. For free. (Fast Company and other business articles/blogs used them, worldwide.)The first content film exceeded expectations. The second and third year's iterations took an emotional turn. The former being used as a case study at LinkedIn and taking centre stage at their annual conference. Sold.

  • Watched to completion 27,287 times
  • 800m views since launch
  • 400k downloads since launch
  • 30% uplift in users